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The research centre for digital use

HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , Digital

The research centre for digital use has the goal of surveying our users on their digital practices in order to establish projects and services that suit the needs of the students, instructors and staff of HESAM Université.

Many of our institutions do not have the time or the human resources to carry out useful usage inquiries for creating or adapting services or for the establishment of new instructional methods. This is why HESAM Université has established a research centre for digital use and education for all community members.

The research centre has three main missions:

  • The first is to monitor the use of digital tools and services by students, instructors, and staff of HESAM Université. Based on data provided by the users themselves, a review of digital practices will be produced. This approach will allow us to propose projects related to users’ needs in terms of resources, training, and/or information.
  • The second mission is to produce inquiries and observations of the field related to educational and human transformations accompanying the use of digital technology in HESAM Université. The research centre can rely on research teams from member institutions that are focused on these themes.
  • The final mission is to inform and circulate the results of the studies that are carried out to various stakeholders in the community.