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Publié le 28/03/2019 , Services

Transfer and recognition of ECTS credits.

Credit transfer policy

The inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreements with partner institutions give a shared definition of the course of study in which students will be engaged abroad. Full academic recognition is agreed upon for planned activities in the HESAM Université programme (course contents, number of ECTS credits, fairness to students remaining in France) on the basis of 30 ECTS credits per semester. The ECTS system constitutes the basis of the programmes of incoming and outgoing mobility. It guarantees the transparency of the programmes of HESAM Université and its partners, and facilitates academic recognition.

In the framework of these agreements and the course catalogues, the student in outgoing mobility develops with his/her adviser the study or internship learning agreement indicating the subjects and credits that will need to be approved at the host institution (activities needing approval in the case of an internship).

Academic recognition for mobility (incoming and outgoing students)

For students of incoming mobility, the educational team ensures that transcripts are approved and provided at the end of study to foreign students and to their home institution, following the terms of inter-institutional agreements, according to the established calendar.

At the end of the mobility period, the host university sends the transcript to HESAM Université. The academic adviser verifies that it corresponds with the original educational contract and sends the transcript to the registrar, who keeps a record of all credits earned. For internship mobility, a certification attesting to the activities will be issued by the host organisation according to the conditions specified in the contract (duration, tasks, skills).

The credits count toward the degree. The degree is issued, duly including the credits approved abroad. No course or examination will be required, except in case of failure. In the case of partial approval, the student will be offered a make-up session or the possibility of repeating the missed elements.

The course of study abroad is noted in a document attached to the diploma 

Michel Serres degree program courses are offered in French. HESAM Université develops standardised linguistic offerings at the level of the community and facilitates access to language courses at its member institutions for its students.

Incoming mobility students

Incoming students will have access to courses in French as a foreign language taught by a member institution of HESAM Université. HESAM Université also relies on a selection of introductory seminars to French culture that are offered in the summer by some of its members.

Outgoing mobility students

Outgoing students are selected by their level of mastery of the language according to criteria established by the host institutions. English courses are available in the Michel Serres degree programs. Courses in other languages can be held upon student request, in the framework of courses offered by the member institutions of HESAM. Applicants are informed of the linguistic selection criteria of the host institutions and advised on the language level tests they must take. Linguistic preparation at HESAM Université is supplemented by access to the e-learning platform OLS ("Online Linguistic Support”) in the months preceding mobility.