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Our missions

HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , Education

In terms of education, HESAM Université strives to promote interdisciplinarity and to create new frameworks for both initial education and life-long education. Supervised by the vice-president for education, its missions are as follows.

Strengthening current educational offerings and encouraging new ones

  • Strengthening and developing the Centre Michel Serres in its activities and replicability 
  • Coordinating the process of certification for the academic board to accredit diplomas
  • Coordinating the offerings at the master’s-PhD level and the BA level (NCU project)
  • Chart developmentally and interactively the courses of study available at the university
  • Develop coordinated offerings in lifelong education. 

Strengthen connections between research and education

The range of HESAM Université offers both academic and professional ambitions for its users. It is therefore essential to strengthen the connections between research and education in order to bring out true connections by building shared courses of study. The coordination and organisation of interdisciplinary fields of research/education will be essential for this development.

Supporting open and innovative educational offerings

  • Encouraging the internationalisation of students’ educational experience, especially through the Erasmus + charter
  • Supervising the implementation of the action plan for student life: cultural, athletic, and social development, health, handicaps, access to housing, and international mobility orientation are some of the targeted activities.


Developing international cooperation and establishing sustainable partnerships through European and international calls for proposals.

HESAM’s members offer a variety of different curricula including national degrees, BAs, MAs, PhDs, and MBAs, along with continuing education and long-distance education. In addition, there are other possible curricula within the French national qualification framework (RNCP).

Furthermore, HESAM offers its own degrees:

  • Pitch'Hesam (Bac+1): one-year program in Technology, Creation, Management and Humanities
  • Bachelor'Hesam (Bac+3): BA in Technology, Creation, Management and Humanities
  • Post-master HESAM research in architecture (DPEA, Post Master ENSAPLV)
  • PhD

For long-distance education and new experimentation, HESAM has developed different internet-based platforms and applications such as the GIP FUN MOOC; Sok@A (project for the educational and IT transformation of soft skills); CimoovA (helps to develop IT skills for engineers); LEARN32 (for the IT education of faculty and researchers).