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Our missions

HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , Digital

The missions of the digital hub are to satisfy users, encourage the involvement of the community, maintain the required level of engagement throughout execution, bring the required skills to the development of digital projects, and develop a shared culture and identity for a strong brand image.

To fulfil its missions, the leadership relies on the implementation of a strategic digital plan. HESAM Université’s strategic digital plan (SSN) is an institutional project that crosses boundaries within all the components of the institution.

The key elements of this strategic plan are support, the development of internal discussions (seminars, meetings for exchanging best practices, meetings for co-constructing projects, etc.) as well as communication.

HESAM Université focuses its digital strategy on its stakeholders and their needs. These needs are and will continue to be identified by discussion groups reflecting users (students, skill communities, researchers and instructors).

The strategic plan reflects the general programmes :

  • Digital technology and training
  • Support for the digital transition
  • Documentation and digital technology
  • Digital services.