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Our values

HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , HESAM Université

HESAM Université promotes strong values around research, interdisciplinarity, innovation, excellence and professionalization.

An interdisciplinary university

HESAM Université came from a simple but decisive desire for educating future generations: to free disciplines from their silos. Interdisciplinary allows for the permeability of knowledge and practices, with the goal of expanding and developing university practices.

Working with the territories

HESAM Université is innovating by inverting the university's relationship with the territories: by drawing on weak signals picked up in the field, HESAM Université calibrates its research and training to the dimension of needs detected in the territories, regional governments and companies both large and small, in order to make the university also an active agent for education in the field.

Structured as a network

HESAM Université has shifted the idea of the “campus” as defined by a specific geographical area, since several of its member institutions are structures within a national and international network. The strength of this network gives the community the ability to expand and promote the implementation of innovative methods for collaborative work.

Research on the ground

HESAM Université is committed to promoting interdisciplinary research and to the involvement of the territories by bringing research and its practices into communities and places where innovation is truly needed.