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HESAM Université
Publié le 28/03/2019 , Projects

The last decades have seen a variety of initiatives promoted by a diverse set of stakeholders engaged in the protection of endangered cultural heritage and in stopping illicit trade, initiatives that have tried to bring solutions, remediation, methods and approaches to tackle looting and trafficking.

NETCHER seeks to address the complex challenge of harmonising and bringing together these worthy but often disconnected initiatives by using a participative approach that will result in the establishment of a structured network (defined as a Social Platform) bringing together a broad range of involved parties such as international bodies, umbrella organizations, national governments, researchers, public policy makers, NGOs, and public and private foundations.

In light of the significance of these uncoordinated efforts, the Platform will take charge of the systematising and framing of all the emerging best practices in order to enhance and capitalize on the experiences of the partnership members at an international level for building a joint action plan with shared toolkits and a research and innovation roadmap. NETCHER is coordinated by CNRS.

HESAM experts from INP, Cnam and ENSAPLV contribute experience and expertise to the project.