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Our « EUR » programs

HESAM Université
Publié le 03/04/2019 , Research

Communicated by the ANR (Agence National de Recherche), the call for projects EUR (École Universitaire de Recherche) inscribes itself within the framework of the PIA (Programmes d’investissement d’avenir) which focuses on the emergence of an economy of knowledge compatible with European targets. The stakes are to make of France a great country for knowledge and advanced technologies within the next ten years.

The research excellence in HESAM Université

The EUR projects coordinated by HESAM Université will enable each member each member institution to structure itself and enhance the international impact, visibility and attractiveness of its research (PhD, post-doc) and of its programmes (MA, post-MA) in multiple scientific fields attaining scientific excellence thanks to HESAM’s federal research school.

Indeed, one of the main objectives of the EUR is to put to the forefront the research excellence and the scientific ranking of the research centres implied according to the potentialities of the member institutions on the national, European and international level.

In France, it means to finance the internationally renowned model of the Graduate Schools making sure that the projects assemble entirely the research institutions, imply a concrete international dimension and entertain, as far as it is possible, strong relations with the economic actors. These EUR will define their own modalities to recruit their MA and PhD students.

3 EUR programs to face the challenges of the future

On the 18th March 2019, HESAM Université has had the pleasure to answer the call for projects EUR with 3 innovative and interdisciplinary projects.

Coordinated by the Pôle Recherche & Formation of HESAM Université, this inter-institutional work is the fruit of the synergic mobilisation of all the research centres. The winners will be designated in july 2019.

The 3 projects correspond to the stakes of the 5 interdisciplinary fields in Research & Training:

These 3 projects rely on partnerships with enterprises, local governments and European and International universities.

3 EUR Programs